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About Us

Value of any currency can become zero expect gold. Gold never lose its importance since ancient time. Before it was used as currency for daily dealing in sales and purchase and now gold is not used as currency, but it is used for hedging paper currencies by many countries globally. Gold is considered as safe haven instrument for almost all traders. Gold is also used by many countries in the world as main reference for their economies. Individual person also buys gold as future saving. India and China have the biggest consumer of gold and Dubai is considered as best place to buy gold or precious metals. Dubai got international title of "The City of Gold" based on its share in gold trade business all over the world.


R K V Gold Trade LLC management has multi-generation experience in gold business. Highly experienced and professionally skilled team can handle sale, purchase, export, import of physical gold in local market and international market. They are well trained to provide support to our individual or corporate partners and investors in daily trade as well as in price fixing for jewellery shop owners.

High standards of professionalism allowing us to guarantee profit generation for both individual and corporate customers through investing and saving in gold and other precious metals. We are fully confident to be the first in gold trading and precious metals in both local and international markets.

New technology aspires us to adopt new technical methods and ideas to improve quality in management of gold trade locally and globally, which give us chance to bring investors and many individual persons from all over the world.