• PLATINUM $1026
  • SILVER $30.34
  • GOLD $2352.45

Platinum & Palladium

Platinum and Palladium represent highly lucrative investment opportunities and have become the most sought-after trading instruments due to their low volatility and high potential for profit generation. 

Platinum is considered to be amongst the most expensive precious metals, with investors utilizing its retention power as a hedging instrument against global economic fluctuations and instability. This metal does not depreciate as much as other financial assets do and is especially resilient during times where commodities markets collapse. Platinum is used across many vital sectors, including medicine and dentistry. The biggest consumers for this metal are by far the jewelry industry, with an average consumption of around 50 metric tons per year. 

Palladium is an industrial metal and a powerful investment instrument, which continues to be popular among traders. Its pricing is inherently linked to the green back Dollar currency, oil, gold, as well as industrial changes taking shape around the globe.