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Gold Saving Account

What is Gold Saving Account 

Gold saving account helps individual clients to convert their savings into gold. Almost everyone saving some amount every month for future use. Every time it is not possible to buy gold with small amount of saving and when have sufficient amount to buy gold, what will be the price, god knows. Moreover, visiting gold shop and getting good price every time is also a big task. To avoid these problems, gold saving account giving a facility to buy gold in parts and collect in one bar form. Each time whenever you have AED 500 or more you can buy gold with the amount at current price. You can repeat this process at any number of times. Once you want to redeem gold in physical form, you can redeem it in one bar form or in many bars form.

How to start Gold Saving Account? 

  • Fill online registration form (scroll down to find registration form). 
  • Send copy of passport, visa, emirates ID and proof of address at email
  • Get User ID and Password on registered email address. 
  • Download platform in mobile or desktop from link on email. 
  • Login with provided User ID and Password. 
  • Transfer fund and buy gold at your convenience from anywhere at any time from Monday to Friday. 

What are the Benefits of Gold Saving Account? 

  • No need to visit gold shop
  • Buy gold with small savings. 
  • Buy at international spot price. 
  • Flexibility in time. 
  • No geographical restrictions. 
  • No storage problem. 

International gold price fluctuating from Monday to Friday. Buy gold at your convenient time whether in morning at 5 AM or in night at 11 PM. Fluctuation in price give chance to buy at better price without doing much effort. Presence in Dubai is not necessary. Wherever you are, either in country or outside, if you are connected with internet you can access your account online by using your smart phone application or through desktop terminal. No need to buy gold bar every month and take risk to store with you in form of small bars. Instead you can buy gold every month and redeem in form of one bar when you really need it in physical form. 

Online Registration form for Gold Saving Account