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Terms of use

Terms & Conditions

Bullion-store users do hereby agree and accept the following terms and conditions:

Payment options:

Bank deposit:
Bullion store users can pay for transaction valued more than US$ 10.000 by depositing or transferring funds into specified bank account immediately after the order completion. In the same time, the users who select this option for payment shall ensure that a copy of the formal document confirming such transfer has been forwarded to back-office department by emailing the same to backoffice@GoldTrade.ae within the specified time frame. If the users fail to do so, then this will be deemed as a base to consider their order as void. If the client has completed the required steps in order to transfer amounts to specified bank account, but, for any reason, he could not inform us with this matter, then we may require a new order from the client as the commodity prices are always fluctuating and it may affect the value of provisional order. In this case, the difference between the amount deposited and the new order value will be adjusted upon delivery of such order.

Transfer from (BTA) Bullion Trading Account:
The users who have a registered bullion trading account with our associates, may have the option to pay for their Bullion-store orders by using the balance existing in their accounts. In spite of that, this method of transfer shall be unlimited in value, provided that it does not affect the necessary margin against any open deal in this account.

Delivery options:

The delivery process in all three-payment option shall be subject to start for paid orders only, and upon receipt of any paid order, then, staff will start processing shipment between 48 & 72 working hours. “Working hours” mean the hours of Sunday to Thursday (09:00 AM to 06:00PM) in normal working days except public holidays.

Pick up from Office:
This option shall be applied on those users who have orders and able to visit specified office. Shipment charges will not be applied to those customers. Worth to mention that office timing is 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM Sunday to Thursday. You can contact us at cs@GoldTrade.ae or calling directly on contact numbers provided on email or provided over phone, in case if you are not ready to receive Pick up Call from delivery Processing department from seller within 72 working hours.

Delivery within UAE
This option shall be applied on those users who have orders and willing to get their deliveries at their doorstep within United Arab Emirates (UAE). Shipment charges will be applied to those customers according to the destination and value of the shipment. As well, we will ensure to deliver paid orders between 48 & 72 working hours to your destination, but it can be vary depending on conditions.

Delivery Internationally:
This option shall be applied on international orders only. Generally, three different options for international orders (i.e. Transguard Securers, Brinks Securers and G4S) are preferred by sellers. Shipment charges will be applied according to the destination and value of the consignment. The client shall coordinate with our staff to affirm and confirm the charges according to destination, value and available options (doorstep delivery or collecting from nearest airport / delivery point) of the consignment. While the shipping company shall manage all clearances from Customs on each destination. To avoid storage charges on the airport, customers are advised to contact the shipping company ASAP.

Individual clients in some specific countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan will not be able to receive their gold bars on their countries, as sellers are unable to deliver such bars to them due to embargo on import of Gold by competent governments. All services and gold provided by our affiliates are of good standard but in case of any dispute sellers decision will be final. Goldtrade choose seller and service provider on basis of its own research.